Positive SimRacing positions available

Javier Alvarez

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Team "POSITIVE SIMRACING".

We conceive the Team as a long term project and our start up phase is designed to continue until the Season 2014...step by step, but with the clear goal of becoming a consolidated team.

Our goals for 2012 are to establish the Team, to build a car and to be prepared to compete in 2013. Meanwhile, we are convinced that the best way for learning is getting involved. For this reason, we have applied for a Team license at WT for 2012.

New pilots are being appointed from some national (Spanish) leagues, but thinking in our consolidation in FSR, we will be happy in receiving applications of drivers for WT (2012 & 2013) or WS 2013.

We would like to cover some key positions at the Team during this start up stage. Among them, the Head of the Design Department and the Responsible for Communication and Press.

In addition, we would appreciate any partnering with other more experienced Teams.

We appreciate your help and your patience with our possible mistakes during this first steps at FSR.
Javier Álvarez

Javier Alvarez

We would like to acknowledge all the support from the organizing structure of FSR. In particular, David Dominguez, FSR President.

We are growing in our consolidation process, which will take months. However, we realized that we need some advice from people with more knowledge in FSR. Although David and Johannes and everybody who we contacted was very supportive with us, we understand that we can't be continuously asking to them, as they have more responsibilities here.

For this reason, we leave an open request for external advisory of people from consolidated Teams with deep knowledge of FSR, in order to help us in solving some questions related to team development and strategy.

Eventually, we would send an email to him or her in order to solve our doubts.

Thanks in advance!.


Javier Alvarez

Thank you for all the received emails and messages.

Currenty we have covered all the positions for this start-up stage. The first post was updated as there are only positions available for drivers (2013 season).

Again, Thank you for your support!
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