Position bar lost

I recently deleted my controller settings file(My documents folder) and while everything is fine I have a strange issue that I cannot resolve.
There is no way to make the race info bar appear no matter what button I assign to it.
I do not have access to my gaming pc for the moment but I remember that the setting called: position bar. But I also went through the menu many times looking for some other option I may miss.
Anyone ever faced a similar issue?
Can you please check on your side and let me know which menu option is related with the position bar?

I am referring to this:

Thank you!
Thank you guys!
This is the obvious option and I am pretty sure it is the first I tried.
Several times try to assign/cancel assignment/use other buttons with no luck.
I will retry when I am back to my pc and post back.
This the position bar option indeed
And it was my first bet
The problem was within key assignments

Where you find:
-Toggle position bar
-Toggle position bar settings

Assigning a key to the 2nd did the job:thumbsup: