Portimao braking issue at one particular approach

Connor Caple

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Lancs., England
I know this is the new laser-scanned super track, but I'm having an issue at one corner approach with the WTCC Cruze.


I can come into Primeira (1) in 6th, brake hard down to 3rd gear and then accelerate up through 4th taking (3) on the way to Lagos (4).

The problem comes braking for Torre VIP (6) on the GP circuit. I crest the hill, coming down in 5th (even tried 4th) and start to brake, shifting down to 3rd, and no matter where I brake or how hard, it seems to hit some section of the track which grips the wheels hard and does a right turn into the barriers before reaching the corner.

I have no braking issues on the later braking sections. I've tried changing the bias everything from 60F down to 50F and it reacts the same way.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on with that section of the track, or is there maybe a corrupt car/track file in my patched installation?

(I do like the track and the extra elevation changes were a nice surprise as I'm used to the AC version)

We still need Minis though...

Kurupt CDN

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I'll check later this evening as well.....it may not be the cure but when I was online this afternoon in a wtcc server I found the stock 540 Steering ratio to be too high and found braking very unstable and trail braking virtually impossible without the rear snapping around.....Once I raised the ratio I found the wheel to be less tense and springy in feel and found I was getting better feedback from the car and braking beca me much tammer. Strange part is I didn't find rotation needed much different between 540 and 900