Portal For Free

Omer Said

Most of you must be noticed, with Steam, Portal ( an interesting FPS game with portals and a gravity gun from Half Life ) is free until 24th May. I say don't miss this chance :doublethumb:

As Kris says, " Where is Free, there is Omer " :D:D
It's a brilliant little game, but I'm glad I didn't buy it for 2 or more euros a few months ago. I finished it in 2-3 hours. It's exactly that, a game you get for free, or in a pack with some proper games, not a game you buy alone.
there's a mappack out there for an other single player campaign

let me take a look to find it

edit: got it, puzzles are more challenging than in the normal one and more original
i got a small bug in there where the game saved and then i got killed, it loaded that same spot, saved again and got killed while spawning so i could start over ( fix: save manually between puzzles! )

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