Released Port Wakefield, South Australia (v0.9) [rF1, for now]

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    Lee Knight

    Port Wakefield, South Australia; "Lobethal's unloved love-child"
    Hastily built in the early 1950's, the Port Wakefield circuit was the first purpose build race circuit in Australia since the end of WW2 & was brought about due to a ban on closed road circuit racing only lifted in 1985 for the Adelaide GP.
    Port Wakefield's main claim to fame in GP racing would have to be Jack Brabham winning his first Australian GP at this 1.3mile circuit.

    I hope you enjoy my first small release & be sure to check out the Read Me & bits for more links & info! Wakefield South Australia V09 26-12-13.rar

    I built this track just to get something of my own out there,
    even though I borrowed heavily on Objects & Textures, rather than waiting forever
    on finishing one of my longer tracks which are....taking forever...
    Remember to check links at the bottom! ;)

    Roadtexture glued together from 2 roadside edges by KrisV
    Xpacks compilation by Legendsatlunch
    All advertising signs by legendsatlunch
    Blokesworld Husband Daycare sign, Pizza van, "horizionless" skybox
    AND Flag Starter by Ebrich
    Plus Woochoo's Houses & Cars....AND Number2's Pumping Station :v (Thunderboxes)
    Haywood Club by weirdbeard
    Old UK Advertising
    RALLY Road Elements
    Rural Australia
    Speakers by RSoul
    Crowds by ISI

    Tools used Goggle Earth/SketchUp, 3D Route Builder & BTB

    Special Thanks go to Juzziee (& Piddy's BTB) for getting me interested in sims
    & away from consoles....
    Legendsatlunch for taking me under his hairy wing.
    Dmz, Woochoo, Kris Vickers, Hompe, Erwin Grevin, RSoul, Ed_jza, Kennett Ylitalo & all the
    other awesome folks at Race Deparment, NoGrip & Facebook BTB Group who've helped me in some way as
    well as anyone who's ever made an Xpack or a tutorial!

    Last of all, THANK YOU most sincerely Brendon Pywell for BTB!
    It just shows how awesome this program is that a clunky-handed, computer,
    illiterate Noob like me can build something like this!
    It astonds me every time Ijump in rF & blast down a country road that I 'made'.

    Please come back Piddy, we miss you!

    Only some trackside objects have shaddows as it's a flat & desolate place with
    nothing but grass for any shaddows that CAN be seen under or around distant objects
    are from the GE image I used....
    Ive left cast and collect shaddows off on the grass as it didn't look right & REALLY
    hurst fps.
    Dark 'blotches' around the track are shaddows caused by 'rafts' of grass & salt bush
    (Im still to find something decent that can be used for 'Salt Bush')

    As far as I know there was little advertising/sponsorship around the track, there
    were Grandstands, but nowhere as elaborate as the ones Ive knocked up with Wall Toll...
    The pits aren't exactly what was their either but I've done the best I can with the
    few photo's I have been able to find.
    Im still trying to find out more about what other buildings/facilities were there
    although things were rather rudimentary at best.
    The track was always rough & at times much rougher than what it is here...
    Ive tried more to capture the spirit of the track rather than make it
    definitive of any one point in it's life.
    There was never any gaurd rails or hay bails along the strait as I have them,
    nor the sand traps...
    Ive done this to keep racing in a simulated enviroment harder to cheat & more
    competetive as well as allowing the crowds to be moved closer to the action &
    tightening up trackside area a bit...
    Maybe this is what the track would've become in a few more years rather than being
    abandoned in '61 when Mallala opened?

    The real track was 22 feet(6.7meters) in width, Ive stretched it out to 7 or 7.5meters
    22.9/24.6feet)inluding the merging edge.

    Super7's & Lotus 23B's are a blast around here, as is '71F1 & the GP34 mod too
    Similar cars should be as well.
    I hope you like & enjoy






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    Cool track Lee! :thumbsup: Nice job! Looking forward to your other projects.
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