Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup @ Potrero - Tuesday June 8th 2010

Maurice Hurkmans

RD Travel Expert
One thing I want to point to is that I experienced a little bit of lag yesterday, especially at the beginning of the races.
I don't know if it was the server or my connection.
It wasn't a big problem, I only had to take more care while overtaking.
No lag at all here. Had some graphic lag of my own, but fixed that with a reboot.

Hugo Hekkenberg

Again a great race.

I had my pace and the free track that i needed. My time was pretty fast and that gave me some room to manage the forum. At the end of the practice i saw that some alien had beaten my time :mad:. It was mister Peter Duivelaar that ruined the party :tongue: Good job Peter :wink::pray:

Race 1:
I had a superstart and stole back my earned pole :bang:There were some fights in my rear mirror between Peter and David and that gave me the room to slam a gab. I managed to hold that position for the whole race and finished first :banana:
Race 2:
Started in 8th position and had a good start. I managed to overtake some of you and ended up in some intense fights with Martijn. All the way bumper to bumper clear fighting it was. Suddenly the game stops and came back 10 seconds later. In this misterious pc blackout i lost a few places. So there we go again. I drove the sh*t out of my Porsche and founded Martijn again. In the end i managed to overtake him and i finished fourth.

Had a great time with beautiful dog fights. I like to see that everybody is enjoining these Porsche Mobil 1 club matches and every week the grid is almost full.

See you all next week, same car, other track...

Coen Mulder

Hi all,

a great Q and R1!

Nice battles and went from 9th to back, i dont mind because the overtaking and racing is thrilling!

R2 wasn't my race. Came from the back and was racing to the top 10, then i hitted, i gues stepan, the race ended in frustration!

But enjoyed the racing and lookinf formward to the next one!

Thnx for organising and see u all!


Frans van der Linden

Sim Racing Holland
Hi guys...

Had 2 nice races. even though i drive in the back of the field ( i'll get used to it.... ) had some nice clean fights.
I hit 1, but fortunally he could continue the race :)

It is amazing to see how some guys turn there car in to a rocket................................................. setup issue??

Congrats to podium(s), and all other that finished :)
See Ya All Next Time

HH and RD Thanks
I like to see that everybody is enjoining these Porsche Mobil 1 club matches and every week the grid is almost full.

See you all next week, same car, other track...
Yeah, it's sooo fun accelerating out (pedal to the metal) of corners with that happy tail and huge amount of grip... meanwhile shouting "powwweeeeer" Clarkson style:bang:
After modifying that weird base setup (negative front toe, push brake bias to the front a lot, proper ride height) the Porsche becomes a very nice car...:D
I apologize for my first race yesterday, I have created many problems.
I got to the race without ever having shot and then did not know the circuit and we have seen.

I apologize for Cogotti touched in race 1, after various struggles, I managed to get 10.

Then in race 2 I was hoping to do better, but they accidentally touching the wall and create a new stop, you see that just was not the right day.

Congratulations to all the podium, you were really elusive.

Sorry for my English.

See you at the next race. Bye :doublethumb:
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