Porsche logo resize (UI only)

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Jens Roos

Jens Roos submitted a new resource:

Porsche logo resize (UI only) - Porsche logo in-line with other brands for Kunos content, and optional

New Porsche logo for all Kunos content, optional for RUF and DRM.

The archive contains the following files:
ks_porsche_logo -> replaces the logos for all Kunos standard content
ks_porsche_logo_ruf -> replace logo and put RUF content in Porsche folder, RUF icon during loading
drm_porsche_logo_car_brand -> new logos, car brand (see my real name fix)
drm_porsche_logo_drm_brand -> new logos, DRM brand (see my real name fix)
template -> to be used on any other...
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