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Porsche 919 Hybrid 2015 @ Circuit de la Sarthe

3.28min with the 2016 Car . :) Needs fine tuning, Iam not finished with the Setup.
Thanks, I just got a 3:28:796 on my 1st valid lap with your setup. Just added a bit more brake balance to front. That laptime can surely be improved and its apparently ranked 2nd on Rsr , a second slower than the wr.
p.s: I am using it on the 2015 version.


Another WEC driver !
I drop my setup (3.27.500) with an Xbox 360 controller (so can be improve with a wheel).


  • Ldf_Soft_22L_3.27.500.ini
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Simdriver for Singularity Racing
Setup used during the racedepartment event at Le Mans.


  • gara.ini
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Managed to get a 3:29 with the 2015 car, but ran a bit wide at the exit of Porsche curves.
Used 4:4 aero settings to stable the car in slower corners, you can still reach 325 km/h on the straights.