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Porsche 919 hybrid 2015/2016 sound mod

Sounds Porsche 919 hybrid 2015/2016 sound mod 2.0

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Trimix3D submitted a new resource:

Porsche 919 hybrid 2015/2016 sound mod - In tribute to the legendary 919 hybrid

Hey guys.
This my sound mod on the Porsche 919 hybrid, I hope you'll enjoy it !

As you can see in the video, the hybrid system stops at 260 km/h just before the 7th gear because i couldn't map the sound of the electric motor in accordance with the hybrid deployment. I got rid of the all time electric sound in the kunos version so that's why i did that.

Don't be afraid to give your opinion !

Preview : video coming soon

Installation : Extract the two file uncluded in the...

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You fixed the limiter but the pitch adjustment is still wrong. It should be the same pitch outside and inside.
I'm planning an update to clean the samples, there is some disturbing noise onboard.
I'll reduce the volume of the exterior shift and do some improvement here and there too.
Coming in maybe one month when i have the time
Hello mate , do you know why i have no sound from the 2016 version but i do from the 2015 ??
Are you sure you followed the steps in the mod page ? Try to re-install the mod.

Otherwise, try to check game files integrity with steam and then re-install the mod (backup your others mods before doing it, it may remove them).