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Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #25 (8K / 4K)

Skins Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #25 (8K / 4K) 1.0

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PR0JECTNR56 submitted a new resource:

Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #25 (8K / 4K) - #25 car of Porsche Konstruktionen - Salzburg from the 24 hours of Le Mans, 1970.

#25 car of Porsche Konstruktionen - Salzburg, driven by Vic Elford and Kurt Ahrens was able to took pole position in qualification, however dropped out from the race in the 17th hour due to mechanical failure.

Quality options:
- 8K ( DDS
- 4K ( DDS
- 4K (DXT5) DDS


Please use the latest skin version (v1.0) with GzeroD's latest base car version (20200425).

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