Porsche 917K Skin Pack

Skins Porsche 917K Skin Pack 2019-01-13

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Graham Botha

Original poster
Mar 30, 2015
Graham Botha submitted a new resource:

Porsche 917K Skin Pack - Porsche 917K Skin Pack

This is just a re-release of my original skin pack of chassis 021 in addition to the Richard Attwood and John Love Team Gunston car that was raced at 9hrs of Kyalami 1970. The rims for this car has been updated to be gold on the spokes as well. The colour does not match exactly, but it is a close as I could get them. Finally there is also the restored version of chassis 021.

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Dirk Steffen

Porsche Factory Jackass™
Jul 30, 2016
I just tested this pack for the first time and it is beautiful! There is one small tip regarding driver names in Assetto Corsa:

In cars that were driven by several drivers, please use a comma, followed by an empty space like this ", " to separate driver names.

If you do this, Assetto Corsa will actually choose one of the several listed drivers and make that one driver the actual driver of the session.

If you separate drivers with " - " like in your files ALL drivers will be listed in the timing sheet in Assetto Corsa, making the timing sheet unreadable ;-)

It is always very nice when you are on the track and see a certain particular driver to happen to be in a certain car you know - makes it all that much more real ;-)