US Porsche 911 GT3 Cup @ Bilster Berg - Tue Nov 19 2019

David DeGreef

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Server Name: US Tues
Cars: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Please select a number
Track: Bilster Berg Gesamtstrecke

Tuesday 11/19/2019
21:00 ET (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 21:30 ET (15 minutes)

Warmup : 21:45 ET (5 minutes)
Race 1 : 21:50 ET (20 minutes) - NO Mandatory Pit Stop

Warmup : 22:10 ET (5 minutes)
Race 2 : 22:15 ET (20 minutes) - NO Mandatory Pit Stop Top 5 Reverse Grid

Entry List
- 20 slots
  1. David DeGreef # 0
  2. ko41 #24
  3. BP #123
  4. 2112 #83
  5. sc4dr #40
  6. Sean Armstrong #51
  7. Keith_G #9
  8. Wilko Jones #187
  9. SPC15 #15
  10. Open
  11. Open
  12. Open
  13. Open
  14. Open
  15. Open
  16. Open
  17. Open
  18. Open
  19. Open
  20. Open
Reserve list

  1. Reserve
  2. Reserve
UTP# 29

Server is OPEN for practice
Please note that server will be reset on race day approximately 2-1/2 hours prior to start time.
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What a twitchy nervous car. It always wants to be a front engine front wheel drive car. :cautious:


It's almost like a leisurely Sunday cruise on the back roads....until the rear of the car decides to lead.

Sean Armstrong

This car is an animal on this track. :D I experimented with it a bit earlier. At first I was having trouble keeping it on the track but adjusting the brake bias and the anti-roll bars seemed to help a bit.


This car is an animal on this track. :D I experimented with it a bit earlier. At first I was having trouble keeping it on the track but adjusting the brake bias and the anti-roll bars seemed to help a bit.
I have been doing some hot laps in the car the past few days. I have been able to drop my times but not enough to be close to KO or Bock. With more time I could probably get within a few tenths of their time but by that time they will have lowered their times more.

This car and track combo has the potential for multiple disasters every lap. It is very difficult to keep it stable and I have found that to go fast in some parts you literally have to let it all hang out and just hang on.

I found the best set up for me was stiffening up the front ARB's significantly and lowering the rears to the lowest setting. I also reduced the camber in the rear to try to get more contact patch on the rear tires. No matter, it is still a hard car to control on this track as there are so many track camber changes that the car cannot keep up with them.

The race is gonna be interesting and the one that wins may be the guy who does not have the fastest lap times but is able to keep the car on the track more than the rest.


My race pace will most likely be a couple seconds slower than my leaderboard time just to try to keep it on the track for 20 minutes at a time and try to avoid those multiple disasters every lap.
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