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PopsRacer SIMHUB - Corner Names, Dash, Radar

Misc PopsRacer SIMHUB - Corner Names, Dash, Radar v2021.05.23

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goonchy submitted a new resource:

PopsRacer SIMHUB - Corner Names, Dash, Radar - Project Cars 2 and other sims

All SIM Hub overlays are tested and made for Project Cars 2. These are always scalable and require you to run the game in windowed mode. I'd highly recommend windowless modes in all games.

Dash overlay includes throttle, brake, clutch, and hand brake inputs. The dash is, of course, scalable. It includes gear, RPM, all 4 tire slipping indicators (PC2 and AMS2 only), HP and Torque (PC2 and AMS2 only), accelerometer & de-ccelerometer, coolant temp, turbo, analog clock, estimations on fuel...

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Pro tip: If any of the overlays in Sim hub act sluggish, you may need to limit the game FPS through steam or your GPU driver. After that you should get smooth a FPS. I’ve experienced this even with higher end CPU and GPUs.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sim Hub developers to unlock the full speed.
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