Pop up with the "We value your privacy message"


I don't think I have changed anything. I'm using UBlock Origin and Popup Blocker Ultimate. It happens only in one of my computers, both with Chrome and Firefox. My browsers seem to be accepting cookies from other websites. Maybe it's Windows related?

Dave Stephenson

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@Neilski Is correct about it relying on cookies set on a neutral 3rd party domain. You will need to ensure that your browser is allowed to set cookies here (which it is because you are logged in) but also on the IAB opertaed neutral domain (consensu.org).

Another potential pitfall is if the browser is setup to delete cookies and browsing data on exit which will also nerf the cookie and result in being asked again.

Even after setting your preferences there are still circumstances which would result in it being redisplayed, such as the partner list changing, we do have some overtime set on that though so it would not be daily for most people but if you visit only once per week for instance then it's possible you would see it every visit.

Mitja Bonca

I get this screen almost each time I reload or load some other page - in Opera, which I use:


I also tried in Chrome, and is same thing.
What is the matter?
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Nectobump, but this happens every time I log on by mobile now, ever since the site was updated. And every time I navigate to a new page. Anyone else? No other sites are affected.


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I'm experiencing a problem with the forum lately and I don't know how to fix it. The problem is that I'm always getting the pop up with the "We value your privacy message". No matter how many times I hit "I accept", the message come again, every time I open a message, change to a different forum, every time I load any link under racedepartment.com/. Any idea? It's very annoying. Thanks.
This happens to me constantly, only on mobile, and only since the website 'improvements'.
Doesn't happen with any other sites I visit, so I'm not sure that my cookie settings need adjusting. I'd be wary about changing cookie settings just for one website in case it affects all other ones. Settings are fine on all other sites.

I've had full-screen ads hijack my browser on mobile too [edit: in the past - not a current issue], and again, only on RD. Is there something RD does that's different to other sites?
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@Mascot can you please take a screenshot of such an ad and post it in this thread so we can chase the problem https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/why-am-i-getting-so-many-pop-up-ads-now.174979/
Thanks Bram, the full-screen ads issue happened in the past and isn't a current problem - apologies for not making that clear. I've edited my original post.
It's constantly being asked to accept cookies that's the new problem, only on mobile. Not sure a screenshot of that would help, it's the standard message?

Bram Hengeveld

That's a fire and forget message and setting normally which we have been using (and are required to by law) since a couple of months on RaceDepartment just like every other site on the web. Nothing has changed on our end as far as I know with regards to that code.

Good to hear the ads are fine as we have been in close contact with our advertising provider to have it removed.
If you have the presence of mind, you can do like I do, use the annoyances feature to get rid of the "piracy" message but whitelist the website so that it can still display ads.
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