Which era of BTCC would you most like to see represented a touring car game?

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(Poll) BTCC Game | Which Era Would You Most Like To See As Additional DLC?

The recent British Touring Car game announcement has posed a tantalising prospect - could we be about to see some historic content added, and if so, which era would you most like to have?

Of course, the new BTCC title in development by Motorsport Games is set to take a bow in 2022 and will feature the modern era NGTC regulations as used by the British Touring Car Championship - however, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that in order to flesh out the gaming experience additional BTCC related content could be included within the game - leaving the tasty prospect of some potential historic touring car action set to see the light of day.

Should a nod towards years gone by make the grade, what era of content would you like to see included within the title? Sierra's vs Rovers from the British Saloon Car Championship of the 1980's? Super Touring beasts of the 1990's? BTC specification cars or Super 2000? One thing is for sure, we have plenty of choice!

Let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments section below...

BTCC 1980's


BTCC 1990's


BTCC Early 2000's

BTC regs.jpg

BTCC mid-late 2000's

S2000 regs.jpg
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
I dont know much about the BTCC series far as cars and tracks they drive, so I will just learn/read all the great comments
about this series and look forward to another racing game.
Ditto here. Not my thing, but I know BTCC (and it's ancestors) is a series that has been followed by many around here with great enthusiasm - glad to see them getting a game and hope it turns out well!
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Feb 12, 2009
Either the 90s or the current. I have no interest in the 2000s or the 80s, although 07 was pretty good.

Will Mazeo

May 25, 2015
Super Touring is the only TC class that makes sense in simracing, everything else is only used because Super Touring is not present :p

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
Oct 13, 2008
Having seen and following all, It might sound extreme but I want/need all, please.

Even nowadays, I don't miss any race. It is a different level. A must.


Jan 5, 2016
A vote for 90's is a vote for progress. ;)

Actually if you think about it the BTCC is the closest thing to what we do in the sim world. A dozen laps maybe less, rubbing fenders, shaking fists, absolute balls out, the heck with tire stints or fuel economy. Just pure racing joy.:thumbsup::D
Nov 25, 2012
Oh gosh hope they or any new sim racing game go for the golden era 90's can be a DLC would make lot of people happy and playing .

By special request and popular demand:)
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