Polish Roads time attack - race and post your time ;)


Hey everyone!

I thought it would be nice to have a little competition in our forum. So I sugest that each of you choose a car (any car, private, public, public modified...) and post your time, so we can see which one is faster! You can post as many times as you want!

The race will be in Polish Roads Stage 2 (not 2a), from the start, until the gas station When you arrive there, press hard on the brakes and as soon as the car is fully stopped, take a screenie and post it ;)

Mine: 3.08.8 in a Ariel Atom with better tires!


Have fun!:wink:


The Lamborghini Murcielago that came with Racer, as it appears to be the fastest car I have atm (hit 300+km/h on the final straight, went airborne for a short time, takes a long time to brake down to 0 from that speed)

I used debug for car speed because gauges weren't popping up. It also shows timelines, not sure where they are but the 3rd must be around the gas station since it's about 3:27.



I did it in Krisz' WIP BMW E38.
Got a decent time, but as you can see, I was pushing it, a bit.

Car wasn't fully stopped. But it only took 2 or 3 more seconds before it was stationary.
Hi, Dream Factory,

one question - how did you get the road map in the upper right corner into polish roads 2?

Thanks and greetings


Dang.. you guys are fast.. I could not get under 4min (with the Cuda of course..) without sliding off the road or hitting things.. I'll try again tomorrow.. a bit tired now after several attempts.. heh..


I'm really enjoying this challenge. It's getting me interested in Racer again.

Under two minutes must be possible with the right driver and car.



2 minutes is kinda crazy... I took a 2500 hp drag racer, gave it enough downforce to do 1.8 Gs in the corners and it was still running about 3 minutes. Guess it needs some weight reduction & work on the suspension. Maybe a faster shifting gearbox too.

Better driving could maybe cut this to 2:45, as I kinda took a spin on that last jump:rolleyes:
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