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Tracks Poligon 0.1

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eg01st submitted a new resource:

Poligon - Is anyone interested in traffic cone test facility?

This is literally less than 24 hour project, I threw together assets from my other 2 tracks and made training ground for my mom to learn driving snakes around cones, taking correct line in corner, braking etc.
I just find myself enjoying it too, so if any more people are interested, I might polish the track up and add more layouts - possibilities are infinite.
Think of this as Top Gear test track - it has snakes, chicanes, and fast sections.

There is very small lap in a shape of 8, for...

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Interesting concept! It wasn't long ago I was thinking it would be fun to have a driving school track in AC ala the ones in City Car Driving. Now that we have working lights, blinkers and wipers, we just need a small freeroam city track with junctions with working traffic lights :D Then we can make a driving school server and one guy can be the instructor and the rest the students learning to drive. Take it away, Sam


Raleigh, NC
I've always wanted a skid pad of "concentric" figure 8 patterns in varying colors and distances from the origin. A purely circular skid pad ends up overheating the outside tires, but it seems like a figure 8 would help to mitigate that issue.

It could also be fun to have some P2P AutoCross style cone tracks built into a big open parking lot type area.