Point Clouds need intensity?

I can't seem to display a point cloud (just X,Y,Z data) unless it contains an intensity. Import succeeds, but displaying the scan generates an error along the lines of there's no value for green.

My workaround will be to add a column for intensity and fill it with some value like 5.
Thanks, R Soul for the video. It kept me from going off onto wild goose chases!
OK, now I'm really puzzled because the sample point cloud files work fine, but I can't get even a short test file with filled intensity to display.
Hah... and NOW I understand R Soul's workaround. Seems like we all have to go through the experience before understanding, LOL.
Tinkering with intensity value indicates that if all points have the same intensity (all 5 or all 645), then the error message pops up when you try to view. However, if one point has a different value (say most =645 and one =5), then the point cloud can be viewed without an error.

Which sort of explains why if you skip using an intensity, you would get the error: if they're all the same value (none is a value, right?), then the error message appears.