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    Hello to all,

    I write here with the hope that I will receive some help. I enjoy playing the game in career mode, and I have finished a season. For the time until now I had 3-4 wins and several podiums. The problem i face is that the clip at the end of the race for all my wins was the same each time, the same thing when I was 2nd or 3rd, 3 different movies for the 3 podium spots finish but always repeating. I

    I`ve seen videos over the net and I saw that there are like 3-4 different clips for winning a race or finishing 2nd or 3rd.... Its kind of boring to watch the same clips all over... so my asking is if someone knows a way to fix this please help me. :)


    Ive reinstalled the game several times.
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I don't think there is more, at least I can't remember any.

    I am sure that I get the same one every time, and that's way it's designed. I don't know if the console versions have different videos, but I doubt it.

    Sure you weren't watching F1 2012 videos or something? :)
  3. BBFred


    AFAIK there's only one video clip per podium place.