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Plugins [PLUGIN] Second Ferndale 1.0.3

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Roman266 updated [PLUGIN] Second Ferndale with a new update entry:


-Fixed that after saving the game, objects that were in the car will be on the ground;
-Fixed that when fueling indicator bar shows value for original Ferndale (Fixed by Fredrik);
-It seems that body of original Ferndale can be damaged after loading this mod fixed too;
-Fixed that when you switch gear/lights/wipers/indicators it switches on original Ferndale too (Fixed by Fredrik);
-Support for future update of trailer mod.

This update is designed for an actual experimental branch and this...
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OKAY,now when i open up the game it says that your mod second frendale,throw an error,then the car is nowhere to be seen 'round the house,it spawns up at the regualar frendale's roof.
oh well,but anyways because the gz mod works,will you ever make it faster? i take like 1-2 hours to get from jokkes new house to the shop
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