Plugin for rewinding and rejoining the action?


Feb 15, 2013
I know purist might think I'm crazy etc.
But, I have a distant memory of a sim, I can't remember correctly which one, but I could hit ESC to pause it when I've made a mistake and then roll back a few seconds. Then I can try to take again the corner properly!

Do you guys know if there's such a plugin for AC or do you think it's possible to be made with Python?

It will be very useful, there are always these 2-3 corners in which you lose so much, but you need to go round and take all the other 15 more corners until you reach the ones you're struggling.

But rolling back until you get good at taking these 2-3 corners, this way you're speeding up your progress. It won't take you for 1-2 hour to fix your problems at these 2-3 corners, it will take you 10-15 min.
That's something very important for all of those of us who can hardly afford to find 1-2h per week to sim race.