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PLR Auto Blip / Auto Lift settings

Oct 29, 2013
Hi! i have a logitech dfgt and use auto clutch (the others driving aids off)
but I'm considering to buy a g27, to use the clutch and h pattern in some cars (auto clutch off)
a long time ago i saw auto blip and lift in plr
for those who use the logitech g27 with clutch OFF, these adjustments self lift / blip should be off too? 0 in PLR? remembering ,i not use aids and wanna to increase the simulation with g27

Mario C.

Apr 23, 2015
It depends on the category. GT3 cars have auto lift and auto blip in real life (driver doesn't need to get of the throttle when upshifting or blip the throttle in downshifts). Of course they don't use the clutch at all either. V8 I think are exactly like GT3 cars. Modern Formulas too. Modern touring series (WTCC) too but with sequential stick shifter instead of paddles.

With the incoming SuperV8 (V8 Supercars) coming to GSCE you want auto lift ON and auto blip OFF. Some drivers use the clutch on downshifts and some don't but they need to blip.

Classic touring cars like the Opala you want all the aids aids OFF with a 3 pedal set.

At the end of the day nobody stops you from driving the Formula Extreme like the Opala. You'll see tons of on board videos from simracings using a sequential stick shifter with a GT3 car and nobody blinks an eye ;)
Oct 29, 2013
yes, but if is semi automatic(like f3) this settings don't work and direct physics solve the problem
my question is about the engine
if needed or not change plr settings for non semi automatic cars(like opala)
Oct 29, 2013
i did some tests this afternoon
without auto lift and blip, don't affect semi automatic cars(f3, f1)
but it's very better and real with non semi automatic cars
of course, i turned off auto blip and lift
every car have your behaviour now
ex f1 don't need to lift or blip
opala need to lift and blip(heel and toe)
cart don't need to lift, but need blip
thanks for help
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Feb 13, 2015
The transmissions in (rFactor) GSC are not modeled 100% correctly. This is one of the areas that will be "rebooted" with the upcoming code changes (If I am not mistaken) after the crowd fund campaign is competed.