Please help me with the Filter Settings for steering.

After a long period of not playing any game, the other day I started again and, amongst others, installed RBR again too. To get used to it, I started the Rally School again and had a lot of trouble to keep my car on the track. I remember that the last time I played it (a few years ago), it was the same. I think it took me a few weeks then and a lot of repeats before I could finish it.
Now I wonder if it could have to do with the filter settings under Options > Controls > Filter Settings > Steering. Anyway, what would be the best settings there for Curvature 1 and 2, Maximum Fade and Saturation Speed ? There is a brief explanation there, but I don't understand it completely. When I know how to set it correctly and have no doubts about it anymore, I can concentrate more on the driving itself.
FWIW, at the moment I have a Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 which has 270 degrees turning.
Thanks in advance for any help.
with both my G25 and T500, I've just always tuned the FFB using instructions found on bhmotorsports forum years and years ago:

[install RBR and patch 1.02]

1. Go to the RBR Options - Controls - Filter Settings - Steering.
2. Turn "Saturation Speed" off. If you want a completely linear steering, turn off "Maximum Fade" too or leave it full to get non-linear steering - it's a personal preference and of course it mostly depends what kind of wheel and how large steering lock or wheel turn you are using.
3. Put "Fall Rate" and "Rise Rate" to Instant. Do this for both option menus (Axis and Digital Button).
4. Find 'PC_InputFilter.ini' from your RBR folder and delete it or rename it to something else. RBR doesn't need this file anymore.
5. Find 'RichardBurnsRally.ini', open it and from there delete a line that says 'ConstantForceMultiplier'.

Personally I set my wheel to 450 degrees of rotation in drivers and turn max fade to zero as well, for a fully linear steering experience. My steering seems completely lag free, very linear, awesome dynamic range (especially with the T500) with this. Obviously you'll need to think about max fade setting for your own wheel, but all other steps can be the same.

I also use FixUp, which is obviously stickied above: Primary reason is for 1080p screen size, but it also does other little tweaks I believe.
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Thanks for your reply.
My wheel has no FFB and only 270 degrees and I cannot change that in the drivers. Would Maximum Fade to Full be the best choice to start with ?
And what would be a good setting for Curvature to start with ?
(Btw, I also have FixUp installed)
Ah sorry, I thought your wheel was one of Thrustmaster's FFB variants.

I really am not sure which settings are filtering input and which are adjusting the FFB output commands. I'd recommend linear steering response (Max fade off) as a starting point, then if you find it hard to keep the car driving straight you could alter the fade slightly to make the center of the wheel rotation less twitchy. The rest will be trial and error I guess, sorry.
Thanks again.
Just to be sure: Do I understand it correctly then that Maximum Fade is in fact the same as Speed Steering Sensitivity in other games, and that increasing this will make the steering less sensitive at higher speed ?
And is Curvature in fact some kind of Deadzone ?