Pleas Help with G27 settings

Does anybody know how to setup G27 wheel in that game? I have PC version. If somebody can help ? If somebody can help will be great . Maybe pictures from G27 profiler plus settings in game. Thank You . Merry Christmas Everybody


Hi mate just saw tis post. I have made a video for the FH4 with the Logitech G25/27 settings for the pc and Xbox as well, if it helps u here it is:
Note: Mute the voice if it bothers u (it's in Greek) :)


thx alot, much better allready after applying thoose settings, feels still a little to heavy when steering , 4 years only Asetto Corsa :D

adjust for me the force feedback scale to 65 , for me much better, don't have thoose Greek god muscle arms like you (on the video :p)

regards Fulgore
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