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Plea to all mod makers out there.

Jul 4, 2008
I think what I am going to say speaks for most people in here.

Please, do not release half made mods.
- Please make sure that the mods adhere to the EVO model physics and legal rules.
- Please put the mod cars in the appropriate categories.
- Please have few users to test the mod before releasing it in the wild.

Releasing a mod simply because you want to be the first one who did it just doesnt cut it.

If that is your only motivation and not quality, you are hurting your selves.

You will create a situation where your name will be associated with poor work.

Soon enough, if you keep doing that, most users will see who created the mod and just plain ignore it.

The majority of us are willing to wait for a quality mod and the majority of us will ignore work from moders with a bad reputation.

Evo is a new game and this is a chance to create a list of quality mods that will make this game and the community well respected.

Remember that in GTR2 the mods that were of high quality enjoyed the biggest amount of popularity and users would flock each time their creators would release a new mod.

I know there is a lot of work involved in making a mod so dont shoot your selves on the foot by going all the way just to quit few meters before the finish line by not delivering high quality mods.

I do want to thank all moders for their hard work. I know things like that are not easy to do. I do work in the IT field so I know what is involved.

Thank you.

Jul 4, 2008
If I can add more thing.

I think it would be of great help to the RD community if we created an RD seal of approval for the files hosted in the RD download section.

If a mod gets an RD seal, it would mean that particular mod satisfies several requirements:
- Evo physics
- It has been tested and it does not crash the game.
- Legal requirements set by SimBin. Those are the requirements they expressed few weeks ago in their open letter to all communities.

If this takes place, chances are RD will host much fewer files than the other sites due to all testing that needs to be done but we will at least know that the files RD is hosting are solid and not half made work.

Just an idea.


Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Great idea... Would you volunteer to help out with that George?

Jamie R

Oct 24, 2008
George you are great! :D. I love your idea in your second post and I'd be more than happy to help out with "Mod Moderating" :p
Jul 4, 2008
Guys just tell me what you want me to do and I am good to go.
Don't care what it is. For real.
You guys have no idea how much I enjoy being a member here.

One thing I need to read upon are the configuration files.
As of now I cannot tell by reading the config files if a mod from GTR2 respects the EVO physics.
If you tell me what to look for however I can pick it up very fast.

Few thingss I can do right off from the start in a clean EVO install are as follows:

-I will establish a base install environment for EVO so the whole thing will be standarized.
-Test the mods for any install/crashing issues and/or conflicts with any other mods. I can do that by running the mod at different tracks with no other mods enabled and then with other RD approved mods enabled.
-Compare times between a GTR2 car or mod running in GTR2 and the GTR2 car or mod converted for EVO.
Here two examples:
a )Lets say somebody converted the Porsche 911 Bi Turbos from GTR2 to Evo. Have that car run a lap around Imola and take note of the time in the same tracks between GTR2 and EVO.
b) Compare times of the mod with other cars in the same class and cars with a class right above it.
c) Do a real life comparison of the track times between the real life car and the EVO car.

I am just thinking out loud here. Brain storming really.
I will help with whatever you guys want me to help.
It doesnt matter if its a very boring mindless or exciting and challenging task.
You guys run the show here and I can tell you put a lot of effort on this site.
I just want to help out.