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I play racer with a PlayStation 3 controller, and its too sensitive! I tried messing around with the advance options in racer controller settings. It didn't work.

I believe there is a way to fix this? Someone had kindly helped me fix this problem on the racer sim central forums. But that was a 2 or 3 years ago...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi. I'm not familiar with the PS3 controller, what part is too sensitive - is it an axis control or buttons?

It's been a while since I messed with controls but I'll try and help:

From the main racer menu, go to the Options > Controls > Advanced. That should give you the option to adjust sensitivity for each control, in the slider box to the far right you can check how each control reacts.

For buttons, make sure the checkbox under the 'Analog?' column is checked (it will be red when checked and will have the text 'Analog' next to it). Then you should be able to adjust the rise and fall sensitivity sliders to make that control less sensitive.

If Racer is still having trouble making it work properly, you might be better just mapping the controls from within Racer then opening the controls file directly and altering the sensitivity from there (usually default.ini in racer/data/controls, you can open it in notepad or whatever). It should be clear enough to read, just follow the same idea as above when you edit the file.


Thanks Tiberius and Dream Factory! :thumbup: I was messing around with the 'rise sens' and 'fall sens' settings. I didn't even notice the linearity settings!

Alexander Knoll

Apr 5, 2009
ah...ok understood^^
not sure..never testet...but try it...if you can choos this axis in the controls menue from racer it can work, if not, not...
I use a DFP since a 1/2 i can't test it..