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    Well the game unlocked early for me here in the US and my first impressions are that it's awesome. I enjoy playing it much more than F1 2013. The AI seem to be more competitive. The change in rev ranges takes some getting used to but you'll get it. Corners you used to take in 3rd gear you can now take in 4th. The tire wear is much better this time around. At the end of the tires life it's not friggin impossible to keep the car on the track. I have yet to get into a wet race so I can't comment on that yet. The sounds and graphics are good as expected. I really do wish they would have brought Classics back and put my boy A Senna in the game. It would have been cool battling Senna vs. Prost in a classic F1 race. Hopefully that kind of stuff will make it into the "next-gen" version of the game. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. Making it hard to decide to play F1 or Assetto Corsa which just went 1.0. Thats just a quick and funky review. I hope you guys and gals are all having fun with the game. Later.
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    I have not played much. It seems easier than F1 2013 regarding the Very Hard level. I agree that even with all the aids disabled, you feel that the game is helping you. Though, I love it. I like the graphics and the sounds. I would like to have ERS button.
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    That sucks. No assists should assists.