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Player's Car Performance

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RowingAce, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. RowingAce



    in an effort to make my AI mod work with the game after patch #2, I did some extensive testing on the cars performances. With some interesting results.


    GP Mode
    short weekend
    all sims on
    realistic rules
    Same setup for all cars - I know that some cars might "like" the setup more or less, but I needed fixed conditions.


    Wings - 3/3
    Brakes - 50/50/normal pressure
    ARB - 2/10
    Ride Height - 2/2
    Springs - 6/5
    Gearbox - 7th gear at 331 kph (on KERS-cars, same setting for backmarkers)
    Fuel - fastest mix. 5 laps fuel load
    Camber - -3.3/-0.9
    Toe - each 1 "step" right from the middle

    Now the interesting part, LAPTIMES: (Yes, with full TC and ABS, but manual gears, I don't own a wheel ...)

    McLaren - 1:20,8
    RedBull - 1:20,9
    Ferrari - 1:21,1
    Sauber - 1:21,6 (theor. best of 1:21,3 w/o invalid laps) - What the?!?!?!
    Mercedes - 1:21,9
    Renault - 1:22,4
    Force India - 1:23,0
    Williams - 1:23,0
    Toro Rosso - 1:23,1
    Virgin - 1:25,0
    Lotus - 1:25,1
    didn't test HRT as I assume it to be level with lotus and virgin

    The Sauber is really a "duck out of the row". Seemed while driving, that it has much too much cornering performance, as it felt almost like the ferrari.

    So the players cars SEEM to be sorted "tier-wise":

    Tier 1: RedBull, McLaren, Ferrari, Sauber
    Tier 2: Mercedes
    Tier 3: Renault
    Tier 4: Force India, Toro Rosso, Williams
    Tier 5: Lotus, Virgin, HRT

    I count the Sauber as tier 1 as it is simply closer to tier 1 than tier 2. apart from the sauber it seems fine, sauber should (imo) be level with the renault ...

    AI cars are sorted a little differently: (taken from original database)

    Tier 1: Redbull, McLaren, Ferrari
    Tier 2: Mercedes, Renault
    Tier 3: Toro Rosso, Sauber
    Tier 4: Force India, Williams
    Tier 5: Lotus, Virgin, HRT

    So it comes at no surprise, that people report about teammates getting stronger over the season change, especially if you take into account, that the gap between the tiers is different for the player and the AI cars.

    Problem for my mod is though, that I cannot fix the sauber bug. Workaround is obvious: don't drive the sauber [​IMG] As AI cars they drive as one would expect them to.

    The main reason why I post all this, is if you guys can confirm that [​IMG]
    I tested everything on a blank savegame, so no tier promotions.
    Would be nice to get some feedback.

    The hacking order I would LIKE to see is this one:

    T1: RB, McL, Ferrari
    T2: MGP
    T3: TR, FI, Renault, Sauber
    T4: Williams
    T5: Lotus, Virgin, HRT

    What do you think?
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  2. Wojciech Grabowski

    Wojciech Grabowski

    It's hard to assign Renault. They were faster than Ferrari in first part of season... so Tier 1 I think. Who knows what can they take with better drivers... In last part they were equal to Williams... In game they are behind Mercedes and I think this is OK.

    I think it's all depends on track and setup. 3/3 wings is really low in this game. I'm using always above 6. Real test should include all cars set to their bests. So you should make 12 different set-ups to get 100% from cars. I think Sauber liked this setup more than others.
  3. Jaime Seghers

    Jaime Seghers

    Thanks for your report on that, i thought it was me :p i tried using my old setups from F1 2010 but they didn't work n caused many unnessesarie spins etc. Gonna change my setup n finetune it after to my drivingstyle! Thanks again man! ;)
  4. daytona64


    Rowing Ace - do you have an upgrade of your track and database pack since your last version about 4 weeks back?

    If so, any chance you could post it somewhere?
  5. RowingAce


    I don't have a working mod for "post-patch game".
    But I am working on it.
  6. daytona64


    Great news, can't wait.
  7. Richie Hill

    Richie Hill