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    I'm not lucky enough to be able to afford a full sim racing wheel setup, so I have to make due with an Xbox controller-for-Windows setup. Needless to say this doesn't leave much room for finesse when applying the brakes and throttle, so I play with ABS and TCS on full. Even still, I really tear through my tyres during the race despite being as smooth as possible (I've gotten pretty good to be honest)

    Rather than post my database.bin file I'll just tell you what to do.
    ***Note*** This change only seems to work for races under 100%
    On that note, I haven't tested a 75% race as of 3/5/13 (its just too long for me to sit still lol)

    Open the database.bin file and then open the "track_tyre_wear_level" table.
    Change the 3 values in the "wear_level" column to something around these levels (yes they are negative numbers. Keep in mind, making these values positive INCREASES tyre wear rate...this is useful with tyre wear scaling for you die-hards...positive values can be seen in Demy van Zoggel's Realism mod in the 50% and 75% database files)

    -0.25 (or lower) this value will probably be good for people using a steering wheel, but are still having issues being smooth and are noticing higher than desired tyre wear when compared to the AI.

    -0.33 I found this value to be the ideal level. During a 50% race at Monaco my tyres wear at a much more realistic rate and I'm able to keep up with the AI while still feeling confident in my car. Only until the pit in lap does the car start to feel slippery.

    -0.5 this value is pretty hax. While testing at Montreal on 50% Legend AI, I could have easily 2 stopped while the AI front runners 3 stopped.

    -2 this basically makes tyre wear turn off 0_o

    Things to note:
    -These values (any of them) work best with the default values in the "tyres" table. Otherwise you're going to see some really weird tyre wear and/or pit strategies during the race.
    -I used -0.33 with the default values for front & rear_tyre_wear in the "f1teams" table - so as to maintain the individual teams' tyre wear characteristics while still keeping me competitive.
    -I used -0.33 with the default values in the tyre_wear_level column in the "track_model" table
    -The AI pit a little more frequently. I've been seeing nearly all my 50% races be 3 stoppers by the AI front runners. But this is fine since you're not having to pit as much (you can see there's a fine balance here). In all my testing using the default pit strategy given to me for each race, there were numerous other cars on my same strategy, and other cars on strategies slightly different, but just as competitive! This was using the -0.33 and -0.25 values

    All of these things, along with Demy's Realism Mod AI files, my own personal damage levels and thresholds, values put in manually from the SC Mod RC1, and Demy's and the SC Mod RC1's database files merged have just given me the 5 most realistic feeling 50% races I've ever done.

    Edit (3/5/13):
    This seems to only work for 50% and 25% races. I haven't tried 75%, but I just started a 100% at Canada and saw come race day there were no scheduled pit stops for me, nor could I schedule one! I started the race nonetheless, 20 laps in I had to change my soft tyres. AI stayed out....and stayed out...and stayed out...finally after I quickly caught up, I got so far ahead on lap 45 I just pulled over and waited for the AI to catch me, and I saw (with demy's realism 3.1 100% mod installed) the cars were sliding all over the place struggling for grip on their worn out tyres.
    It should also be noted (as mentioned earlier) with the -0.33 and -0.25 values the AI were 2 stopping on 25% races more or less, and 3 stopping on 50% races.
    Seems a value of 0 (zero) is what the game thinks is best for 100% races, and a value lower than 0 while on 100% distance makes the computer think the tyres should be able to last longer than the race?

    I'm going to try a value of -.25 on a 50% race at Canada again, and see how that feels...
    Race update - felt like a great race as I thought it would. Engineer had me 2 stop: soft tyres to start, then onto hards on lap 9, and hards again on lap 22 till the end (35 laps).
    Soft tyres just felt worn by the pit in lap, as did the hards...just to the point where I had to be aware of it, but it didnt feel like I was ice skating :)

    Interesting note...I have the values from the SC mod plugged into my files, and Roseberg had a spin and then crashed into Champion's Wall (come out of the final chicane) causing Vettel to crash into him and lose a front wheel...massive chaos ensued behind that, but not too much damage. Safety Car never came out despite a car being stuck on the race line coming out of the last turn...not even a yellow flag. Race just went on and the damaged cars disappeared almost right away...strange lol.

    C'est la vie

    Edit (3/6/13):
    I've found the "type" column in the "track_tyre_wear_level" table corresponds to the "tyre_wear_level" column in the "track_model" table. Tracks with a 1 in the "tyre_wear_level" column in the "track model" table have higher tyre wear levels (e.g. Monaco, etc). Tracks with a 3 have lower tyre wear levels.
    I left these values in place so as to maintain the realism the game provides for each track. Here's the fun part...

    I set my "track_tyre_wear_level" table to look like this:
    ID type wear_level
    1 1 -0.33
    2 2 -0.25
    3 3 -0.19

    Now on tracks with higher tyre wear my tyres will last as long as the AI's, and on tracks with lower tyre wear, I'm not outlasting the AI by laps and laps :)
    Feel free to play with the values, I found these worked best for me and my setup.
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  2. Chris

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    I think that sound pretty realistic tbh.
    IRL some drivers were able to do one stoppers in Montreal.

    Thanks for the info though, but I have a wheel, and I find the tire wear to be pretty reasonable.
  3. Demy van Zoggel

    Demy van Zoggel

    Great findings man gonna try it out!

    I've been messing around with these values too and went to negative values, but didnt think of your outcome. All I was focusing on was that the game was showing the correct pit stop strategy not really less tyre wear rate.
    Im definitely gonna check this out!
  4. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Hehehe. Remember F1 2010? We were doing this to get Pirelli tyre wear. Now we're using it to get rid of it. :D
  5. blubber123


    Thanks for sharing - I'm encountering exactly the same problem with 360 controller so I'll give this a try, thanks! :)

    Just tried it and it works like a charm, although (I'm driving for Lotus, which has slightly better tyre wear afaik) -0,33 is enough - anything more really is like cheating.
  6. Kartik Sri Harsha

    Kartik Sri Harsha

    Great Job Dude. You found solution for a Serious Problem
  7. roshan bhor

    roshan bhor

    I have saved the values as you said but its not working for nurbergring for 25% so anysolution over it