Play as Tatiana Calderón [Female Body]

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Play as Tatiana Calderón [Female Body] - Makes Tatiana Calderon playable in career and myteam with a female body while replacing Alex Shanks.


Makes Tatiana Calderon playable in career and myteam with a female body while replacing Alex Shanks.
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  • Copy the content of the folder modded files to
    F1 2021\2021_asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\cinematics\drivers\ and confirm...

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hum.... The mod doesn't work for me, when the game loading the menu, he just freeze and crash
(I play in french version)
Works fine for me, French version too. I think the problem comes from the "Readme.txt" included in the package.
The path is correct but there is two folders with same name.
Original : "Copy the content of the folder [modded files] to [F1 2021\2021_asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\cinematics\drivers\] and confirm to overwrite.
There is Two "cinematics" folders one with an "s" the other one without. Use the second one down the first one.
F1 2021\2021_asset_groups\animation_package\scenes\drivers\cinematic
It works like this.
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