Hi all!!
Platinum Racing Community is an Iracing community which hosts leagues, fun races and has a racing team.
We just finished season 2 of our league (Platinum Racing League). 27-5 starts Season 3 with the GT3's fixed. We also have an indycar league together with VOR: Platinum Indycar series powered by VOR and Crypto Rover.
We currently have 194 members in our discord server. We also live stream our races with live commentary!!

Want to join for season 3? Make sure to join the discord: https://discord.gg/aFAm7xjaB3

We are also looking for: Stewards, admins and staff.

If you want to sponsor Platinum Racing Team send me a pm on discord: Marnix005#5494 or via the discord server.

We as PRT race in the ISRC endurance league and PRT drivers represent the team in many other leagues.
More info in our discord!

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