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Pitting notification in race

Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by Enagee, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Enagee


    Had a great online race but got disqualified for not pitting...i thought the engineer might say i need to pit or see some kind of flashing notification.

    So where do i look to find information/notification telling me i have to pit?

    Need some kind of fuel calculator based on timed or lap session, always guessing how much fuel i need, if i can remember how many laps the race is.
  2. snyperal


    I'm sorry I can't help you, I haven't even touched the pitting options yet.

    Might be worth setting up a solo race with compulsory pit stop in and trying that?
  3. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    I dont know if the spotter notifies you of a mandatory pit or not...you can edit your hud to show a pit request...it may give you a visual of mandatory pit?
    Fuel calculator...most the cars ingame motec dash will tell you your total fuel, last lap and avg you just have to cycle through
  4. Gonzo Stono

    Gonzo Stono

    I had the same issue yesterday night, disqualified the last lap for not doing pitstop while I was 2Th. Usually it appeared me a notificacion at the bottom right corner of the screen. But not this time, or maybe I didn't see it because too involved in race. I'm using crew-chef and "He" did'nt say nothing.

    I also find that while you are at the box (for example in qualifing, before race) is missing the information about how many laps is the race and the rules... or somebody know where to find them?