Pitlane vs Track AIW timing gates

Look at the screenie.
This is in rFactor. When I come out of the pits for the first time, the clock doesn't start until I reach the finish gate again (past intermediates 1 and 2). After making a pitstop, I come out of the pits, and the timer starts, and that lap is counted as a faster lap. This is a problem, as this cuts a few seconds off the laptime, and would cause problems online.
Would this have something to do with the fact that the pit out gate is before the finish gate? (the second screenshot)

I've hidden all the buildings (Objects/Edit/Hide Unselected) so you can see where the gates are.


Erwin Greven

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Also I have the start/finish line after the pit exit. Normaly when i start a lap, i have to drive a full lap and then the timer starts at the finish line. But when i exit the pit for the first time, pass the finish line and exit and start again, the timer starts when i leave the pits and pass the finish line.
Are you using the rfactor `start\finish` only? It`s the black one. Judging by the photos, it appears you are using the `start` and `finish` meant for `Richard Burns Rally`. I could be wrong. Only use the black rfactor `finish` timing gate as this is the start as well, for rf, and should not be affected by the `pit out` gate.
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