Pit stops and tyre wear

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  1. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Anybody else experienced this and do you have any views on it?

    I did a 50% race at Spa last week and the race strategy gave me my first stop on lap 7/8. The start of the race was ok but I got taken out by a couple of AI trying to pass me in Eau Rogue (one either side) so I restarted the race. All clean through lap 1 this time but low and behold as I approached turn one on the second lap I got the message that the pits were open... I checked the HUD and sure enough it was now showing as Pit 2. That in itself was not so much of an issue except that as I went into Les Coombes I understeered badly and when I checked my tyres they were already bright yellow indicating a lot of wear. I started taking it very easy through the fast corners and trying not to stress the tyres too much and did make it through to my planned stop on lap 7 but it lost me quite a bit of time running on those worn tyres whihc were very red by the time I made the stop.

    To experiment I restarted the race again later on and found exactly the same thing with regard to the pit stop so this time I kept the tyre wear HUD open to see how the tyres fared and in the space of two thirds of a lap on lap two they went from completely clear exiting turn one to bright yellow by the time I was approaching Blanchimont. I could actually see them changing colour down Kemmel.

    So I wondered whether this was any indication that tyre wear is scripted to coincide with when your pit stops are. I hope not as I actually find the tyre modelling to be good in this years game when this pit stop 'bug' doesn't occur but the fact that we cannot set our own pit stops any longer did make me wonder whether this might be part of the reason for that.
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