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Pit Stop problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Craig Stevenson, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Craig Stevenson

    Craig Stevenson

    Noticed other night that Pit Stops work on some tracks but not others. I've just tested on our server with following results:

    Using Escort Mod.

    Suzuka: Pit Stops work fine in Practice, in Qualy you get returned to your garage, in Race they work fine.

    Kyalami: In Practice, Qualy and Race the pit menu comes up as normal but when you select confirm nothing happens and you're left sitting in the pits, the only option is to quit.

    MoSport: As Kyalami

    LimeRock Mountain: In Practice the Menu comes up but selecting confirm leaves you sitting in pits only thing you can do is quit. In Qualy you are automatically returned to your garage when you enter the pit. Race is same as Practice.

    Road One Int: Practice works fine. Qualy you are returned to your garage and in Race the menu comes up but selecting confirm leaves you sitting in pits, only option is to quit.

    I can't see this being a problem with the Escort or other Mod, though I'm going to verify using standard cars shortly. Is this a track issue and if so what needs to be changed to make this work properly?

    If anyone can verify using other Tracks\Mods it might be useful to post back and try and get some fixes going.


  2. James Yates

    James Yates

    Is this with auto pit on or off? I haven't pitted in qualy or practice in a while but I remember it always used to return you to the garage in certain sessions - even on tracks that come with the game. I don't really see much use in pitting in practice or qualy anyway - you can practice the pit entry but if you want new tyres you would be better off quitting back to the garage and then going back on track.
  3. Jarrod Keen

    Jarrod Keen

    There are various bugs in evo tracks that cause pit stops to be problematic. The best solution that I've found is to make sure you are not using auto pit. That still doesn't fix the problem 100% of the time but it's certainly better.
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