PIT STOP ... my nightmare

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MegaRutto, May 6, 2011.

  1. MegaRutto


    Hi guyz!
    I always have problems with the pit stops.
    I've turned it in full automatic, but i always loose lots of positions when i pit....
    Never under 3.5/4.5 seconds.
    Someone could help me with some suggestions on how to properly pit ?
    Im at first season with Lotus...

    Thanks in advance to all.
  2. DikiDino


    You will need to "brake" just before your car starts turning into your pit crew. Its about timing and sometimes is better to brake slightly earlier.

    But do take note that the entry point for each track is different. You need to experience with it to know the point on where you start to brake.
  3. Scrush


    yes the entry point is very different. istanbul,catlunya for example is very very very crap in this point :D
  4. Chris Bull

    Chris Bull

    Haha I did that in my last race. Im trying out the 20% distance type of career, hows this for a pain in the butt.
    1st race Sakhir 10 lap race qualified in 12th, not bad for a track I hate and I was in a williams and qualied in front of Rubens.

    OK lights go green and where off......lap 1 and im up to 10th good going so far and no cantact.......
    Lap 2 and I make a place then I get "dont forget to pit at the end of this lap"
    Ok I pitted thinking I can goto the end no probs now and when they all pit I will make loads of places back up? I was back in 19th now.
    2 laps later and worked my way up to 13th, I get "dont forget to pit at the end of this lap" I drove another lap only for the pit crew chief to shout it again?
    I pitted and now back in 18th OMG....I ended up having to do a 4 pit stop race, The AI did so as well and I finished in 12th where it was planned by the team they wanted me to finish and above 15th in qualies.....
    Is it going to be like this in every race.?

    I love Australia and I can do very long stints even on 100% race events.....I cant be doing with pitting every 2 laps. is there a way of setting you pit stops?

    Haha I still love this game to bits.....takes you away from the day to day crap in life.
  5. MegaRutto


    Thanks for yours replying.
    I think this thing is frustrating because the strategy in F1 is VERY IMPORTANT and, for example, i cant decide to do short stints with 3 or 4 pits in a race if i loose tons of positions each stop.....
    In the previous version of F1 pitting was very good beacuse you had to push controllers buttons when indicated. The quicker you was, the lesser was the time spent.
    Id like to have a similar version of pittin...it doesnt work properly right now...

    Last question: so i only have to brake when im near to the box and re accelerate when ready to do a perfect pit ?
    Thanks again.
  6. Kirk Heath

    Kirk Heath

    I don't think I have pitted on the 20% race distances, although I tend to ignore the default race strategies where you have the instance it will say pit 4 times as you experienced when really you only need to pit once to use both tyre compounds. Really the tires should last the full race so no real need to pit more than once.

    I just pit when I feel like I need to as do drivers in real world pit couple laps when they hit "the cliff". During the longer race distances, as I currently am trying a full race weekend. I think its close to need to pit when you are doing fast laps but it reaches a stage where you can't take a certain corner as fast as laps before and have to take it slower. That is when I start getting signs that I need to prepare to pit soon
  7. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    You can change your pit strategy from the garage before the race. Go to the tyres menu and the bottom option is race strategy. Here you can select what tyres to start the race, when and how often to pit, what tyres to change to, etc.

    But also during the race you don't have to come in when the engineer tells you. If you just ignore it nothing will happen. Just pit when you are ready.
  8. sora3


    Your setups will also determine the pit strategy. A highly strung setup designed for fast laps won't get you very far in terms of laps. That's what I learnt the hard way as I chewed up 2 pits stops when 1 could have done the same job (that's with 20% distance, 100% distance had me at 6 pits instead of 4). So what I tend to do is a middle-ground where I can still be fast but still last the tyres (and fuel!). Most F1 drivers have a flying setup for qualifying and a race setup. That's where your practice comes into effect as you can adjust setups for the race. :)
  9. Solictice


    You won't. If you check Tyres tab, and then to Race Strategy, you will see you can change when you pit, which lap, to which tyres etc.
    But the game sets a strategy based on the length of the race. So in a 20% race, you will have to do all pitstops seeing your tyres last only 20% as long compared to 100% races. So in a 100% race you wont be pitting each 2 laps, more like each 15 or more depending on the tyres you are driving with :)
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