Pit bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by gen langsdorf, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. gen langsdorf

    gen langsdorf

    Summary. I've done all my tyre changes and I'm told I don't need to do anymore, however, a couple of laps later I notice the blue pit lane line is on (yes I use the dynamic racing line assist!). Anyway I ignore it and carry on. Each lap it is there, a few more laps in and I'm given a drive through for ignoring blue flags - (there was plenty of room to get past - how much space do they need?!).
    I enter the pits but instead of doing my drive through my crew change my tyres, I then have to leave the pits and come in again for my penalty. This happened twice (I'm not very good yet)
    Is there any way to cancel the pitstop call like in 2010 or is this a bug, or what? I am driving the HRT - and I noticed the engine was smoking in the latter half of my race, not sure how long it had been smoking though. I've abandoned that race and will start again but it's most frustrating.
    Any observations appreciated
  2. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    You've got the line because your engine was smoking. As for the tyre change on drive through - it's a bug.