Pirelli tire simulation mod + AI Toolkit - Questions

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by YouEatMyDust, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. YouEatMyDust


    I have installed both the Pirelli tire simulation mod (with AI) and the AI toolkit. I'm wondering if the AI toolkit overrides anything the Pirelli tire mod does with the AI, in regards to their increased pitting frequency.

    I have yet to test it but I suspect the two may conflict because when I installed the Pirelli tire mod, my AI toolkit reset all the settings that I had previously adjusted. So I adjusted the AI toolkit again, suspecting that it has now got rid of the increased pit frequency that the Pirelli tire simulation mod has.

    What file has control over the AI within both of these mods? I would like to adjust the aggression in the AI toolkit because it's much too high.

    The AI always run into the back of your car or cut you off if they are within 10 - 20 meters of you going into any turn. Along with this, they mysteriously are able to brake very late and not fly off the track, but they only brake very late to cut you off or run into your car. The AI hit me so much they often get drive through penalties.

    I'de like to incorporate the increased pit frequency with the adjusted AI, because I don't believe they co-exist with both these mods installed.
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