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Cars Physics reworked for Alpine A110 1600S 0.2

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I was sort of planning to but wanted to make a package with new physics out of if and was never really happy with the latter.
I just wrote "replacing the material for "Object011" in "CM Showroom" and then realized that it`s not loading in the game. Then did the material edit in 3DsimED and now "Object011" has the wood texture which looks very plush.

On the physics - you can extend that changes I proposed in the PM and try even lower pivot points for the axles as the diff should have been very low because of the engine in the rear. Also decreasing "BUMPSTOP_DN=" can prevent rear tyres from reaching too big camber angles when jacking in the corners takes place.
When preparing for release don`t forget to change the short name in "car.ini" before packing data.acd or it`s hard to tell from the lapboard if some car is DWB or SA.
a110 short.jpg

The unsprung weight should go down by eliminating the differential weight from the rear axle. So instead of 238 kg total it should be ~210 kg
a110 uw.jpg
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