Physics model - Custom?

Hi, in the future will it be possible to choose custom physics model than? For if you choose amateur og novice now you can't make car setup(?) no tyre wear and so on.

So will it in the future be possible to choose costum where you can choose all things? Like choose driving aids, rules, tyre wear and so on?

Mark Reynolds

Physics & AI Programmer
Right, everything I type here is not an announcement of how things will be, or indeed how it is planned to be, but merely my vision which will still need to go through many phases of decision making......

The difficultly should be scaled against how many driver assist aids the player can choose, but this must also not interfere with the driving aids which sadly infect some modern race cars these days to let the gentlemen drivers race with the big boys in real life (my opinion)

So in answer to your question, I hope we come to that point where you as a player are able to exactly select exactly what you want, really annoys me as well when I play a game and there is a design barrier in the way which stops me playing how I want to play something, racing game or not.
i must admit i'd like it if get real mode was more strict on keeping it real as things like automatic transmission piss me off if the car has auto in real life (which non do) then let them play auto otherwise keep it real most of the gt cars have paddle shift, semi auto, no clutch that's fine, just stop the bloody rammers who just hold down forward on there keyboard from getting into second gear.