Physics Fine-Tuning MOD | 2017

Physics Fine-Tuning MOD | 2017 2.5

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@Giovaneveterano 2.4 seems a bit "easier" than 2.3 but that is also a bit deceiving as you can now make mistakes in other situations. It is still the reference for me personally when it comes to physics mods, as always well done and along with @BIKER7202 2018 Mod an absolute must-have (again in my opinion). I have tested an entire season, I struggled mightily with the Aprilia in QP and while better in the races, this is not the bike for me. I LOVE the Aspar Ducati. I am about done adjusting Morbidelli, Luthi and other rookies for next year and will start my 2018 season. Great work man!!
Ummm. SO i don't know if installed something wrong or what xD So i tried the mod in it's latest version as of speaking and... Well i did a 1.29 something in Valencia with folger like that video you uploaded, my bike does not move that much or wobble when i brake and stuff, and yours looks "cooler" in my opinion :D Mine looks too smooth hahah.
So riparoo updates am i right hahahah... I guess i will never have this awesome super ultra leaning mod that would come with the new update... Welp, back to Mx Simulator heh.
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Listen. In Argentina track during a championship, the little map of the circuit at the left while driving, the map that tells you where you are and where are other drivers appears blinking, or missing, and when I press star to pause, the game crashes. And believe me , I've installed it correctly, I know how to install mods....any idea?
Well I've completed a few races on this against the AI and this feels really great to me.. This is a fine example of how polished a mod can be on motogp by Milestone. Also this feels quite a bit different in its physics compared to Dyego's mod BUT is extremely impressive in its own right. This feels on the face of it more forgiving than Dyego's latest physics versions but this is not the case when you start pushing the limit(s).. Both are great mods in their own right. Very enjoyable to race on this one.

This is great work!

Thank you.

I am going to get into this more and explore it in greater depth but so far I am very impressed. :)



Having the Quali bug as theres no results show at end of session and when I try to use the other data.mix the game crashes.
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