WIP Phoenix International Raceway w/ original roadcourse

Hey guys, i've started a little project of a track i have always want to drive on. It's my home town track with the original outfield roadcourse. the roadcourse is about 2.75 miles long. see the picture below for the layout.

at this point i'm building the terrain with original BTB textures. I'm trying the mimic the state the track was in in the late 80's and i have lots of video from the Indycar races of that period. I have made the AI for the roadcourse but it has no cameras yet. the track is drivable with Cart Factor cars with no setup work doing laps in the 1:14's and reaching top speeds of about 190 mph down the long back straight that enters the infield part of the track.

In the final version the oval will be drivable and both directions of the roadcourse will be drivable too.


Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
Looking forward to this track. The Phoenix oval is one of my favorites when racing NR2k3. Now the roadcourse version.
once this is done i may go back and do a modern version of the oval with the new infield only roadcourse. That roadcourse was used by IMSA with the GTP and the WSC. I was at the last GTP race there and the Toyota Eagles were faster through turns 3 and 4 of the oval than the indycars of the era.
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