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Peugeot 508 for Race 07 GTR Evo

Cars Peugeot 508 for Race 07 GTR Evo 202003

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May 30, 2018
abrimaal submitted a new resource:

Peugeot 508 for Race 07 GTR Evo - addon to TTA cars

model by VizPeople
GMTed, resized, textured and adjusted to game by Carsay 2019/2020

Uses physics from Citroen C5 TTA by AndreasFSC

Not done / not working
1/ sounds bad at full speed (the original .aud didn't work)
2/ no cockpit instruments at all
3/ lights partially done

This is a version for Race 07 and GTR Evo (change class and model ID if you need)
The ATCC 3 version features expo drivers and multiple classes for the same car.

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