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Personal best time help

Evening lads,

I have what it seems a silly question, but anyways. I've recently had to do a full clean install of AC because for whatever reason the nurburgring gp tracks were failing to load. I did backup the whole folder of AC on documents as well as tracks and etc.

My issue is, my personal best times are "erratic" or divergent, for a lack of better wording. I.e, my best time at spa with SF70H is a 1:49 low. However, when i load the track, my personal best is a 1:53 something, that was my PB like, 3 weeks ago or more.. i don't know how to solve this, as, like i said, did a full back up of that and really don't want to lose my PB data (as you can imagine, bringing to 1:49 was quite exausting to lose). Any one ever had that kind of issue?


It looks like your backup of your Documents/Assetto Corsa were not saved just before uninstalling and reinstalling AC.
Or simply you reinstall a wrong older backup ? .... else, I don't see any other reason why your personal best might not be up to date.