Performance Data available in game?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Rob, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Rob


    For those of us who like to compare sector times against the field (or globally, maybe, in preparation for a race), compare, for instance, tire degradation wear vs. fuel load weight advantage in knowing when to pit, and other statistics, such as aero advantage vs. aero disadvantage, is this sort of data, either after an on-line race or just in general, available?

    For instance, in F1 2013, you can see everyone's lap times broken down by sector after the race, and you can see the same thing in real time during practice in single-player. But I would expect pCARS to be much more in depth.

    Yet, I have not seen any discussion about this or any web videos showing this kind of data. Any testers...can you enlighten? Thanks.
  2. Andy_J

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    The AI's lap times in practice and qualifying in Codemasters F1 series are all canned. Made up. Not real. Pretend, programmed. Hence why you can't watch the AI do their laps. This has been well known since F1 2010. I hope PCars does it for real. I think it will.