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Per Track elevation and temperature settings as well as different road types

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Feb 21, 2011.



    i notice the racer.ini has a setting for altitude and temp and i as curious to me racer teems to either have Too much grip on some tracks and cars or Not enough and it seems Very un realistic i mean on some cars thot should easily scratch the tires from a standing start will barely even chirp em and i was thinking the temp and elevation has alot to do with it as well as obviously the tire grip setting the name escapes me it starts with a P but as to the rest of it i think alot of physics settings could be made alot more realistic with simply accurate and separate temp settings for each track and not just modding the actual surface grip but also modding the tire grip based on temp to me it seems to be alot of the problem just by the fact racer uses what i can only deduce are either optimal or the same values for each track and road type which leads me to another question Road types we dont have any facility for changing different road types which as far as i can tell and dont attack me for being wrong but means simply putting more settings in the racer.ini under the correct sections and then using those surfaces in the tracks peoples who are in the know feel free to let us know about these kinds of things id be interested in hearing about it
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