F1 2019 People are going to think I have lost my mind...

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
....But hear me out at least..

F1 2019 has been buggy as heck lately and I encountered a weird one this time.

So I started the Singapore GP in careermode, started 10th in the Haas on Softs.

All was good, was going to be another good race as usual, fresh components installed as such so I would at least gain a P7.

But after my stop, the game minimized to desktop twice which was strange but then shortly after the screen pixelized on the screen, so I did a flashback and it didn't do it after that.

Then for some unknown reason, I was going really slowly, (Pedal to the floor, was registering in the game too) but my revs were counting ever so slowly and all the slower cars were just shooting past me as if I had an issue with my car..

But there is no way that is possible, it never is, I just get the feeling that the car glitched and I found myself in last in about 3 laps.

Anyone else get this at all, where the car is literally just slow? was upshifting normally, was in high engine modes too, had spare charge and fuel...so its a massive unknown...
It happened to me yesterday, after my pitstop in Mexico my car was running 250kmph top speed, no engine issue or whatever, just slow as hell

I restarted the race