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  1. the_sigman


    I create the thread to write the ridiculous penalties we received.

    So we are in Silverstone and at the start of the race a guy in a Mercedes steers right. No one has space as 1 car spins. Everyone is crashing into the wall and other cars and I get a penalty. After 2 laps at the Wellington straight, the same guy is going slowly and takes me out while I was leading. Guess what happened. Another penalty
  2. ENDR


    That's the beauty of online racing with random people.
    One time during qualifying on Monza I pulled off a lap almost a second faster than the second guy (which turned out to be... AI :D), so I slowed down and aimed for the pits. On the back straight some guy was slowly "mowing the lawn", so I moved to a safe distance to the right... It wasn't safe enough though, the guy sharply turned right and smashed into me.
    So I had to start the race from 11th instead of 1st...