WIP Pemachno



My first megaproject, the 15.8 km Penmachno stage from the Wales rally. The track line out will be the same as in Mobil1 RC 2000. I aim to make 5 versions: the normal stage, reversed, hillclimb from both sides and winter conditions.

Things done so far: lining out in Google Earth, filled elevation data, some trackside terrain placing which seems quite hard to me, in order to get a smooth flowing hillside like there are in Wales.



Mar 20, 2009
Great ! You can download all tracks in max files here on my page: http://www.b2-net.com/download/doc_download/5-rc2k

Inside the zip file you will get original bin file of extracted stage from RC2K, max8 file and tools from Black F. to reimport bin into different version of max.

The imported stage can be great reference as it has all roads and elevation data. See for your self !

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I had already found your downloadlink via bhmotorsports

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This is such a good idea. My 2 favourite games are Mobil 1 and RBR and I had often thought how great it would be to drive the Mobil 1 stages in RBR. Penmachno is a great one to start with though I know what you mean about the scenery. I'm totally new to BTB having only just downloaded the demo but when I've had a bit of a play my terrain is very jaggy. Best of luck with this.