Pedals and shifters

Will Marquez

Jul 22, 2009
FREX Shift+

I started out with the G25 when I first started simracing almost more than a year ago. I've always used the sequential shifter on the G25 whenever I've been in anything else than an open wheeler, which I use the paddles for. Then when I upgraded to the G27, I found out that they had gone away with offering someone whether they could switch from 6-speed to sequential shift. So was forced to stick with the paddles. I guess its just driver preference, where some just don't like to take there hands off the wheel. And I guess it is a bit quicker and you have better control as well. But for me if a car drives with a sequential whether it be a WTCC car, Star Mazda or a GT Car, I've always wanted my sim-experience to be as real as possible. And thats where the FREX Shift+ comes in...

I've been thinking about this for months. And actually had already ordered it but cancelled the order to get the Clubsport Pedals instead. (Great review again on those pedals, Brian!.. had to throw in a lil plug for our RD Sim Hardware guy! :) ). So last week I had decided to take the plunge for sure this time. Total time from ordering the FREX shift+ to receiving it at my door was about one week. Not too bad considering it comes all the way from Japan. So to my surprise when I got home from class there it was just waiting to be opened up. It was very well packaged. Right when I took it out of the box, this shifter oozes quality... top notch quality to be exact! I got the universal wired one. Where its just 3 bare wires, red orange and black wires. Black for ground and the red/orange wires could be soldered to my SLI PRO to any of the two available buttons I had on it. From what I've heard too, you can also use one of Leo Bodnar's boards to hook up the FREX shift+ to as well. So after getting a friend (who's more experienced with electrical stuff than me, didn't feel like ruining a $180 piece of equipment. lol) to do the dirty work. I came back home and tested it out with iRacing. Went to assign the buttons for upshift and downshift and hey what do you know?? It WORKS!!! haha.

Now comes the part of where to attach this bad boy to my Playseats cockpit. Had already planned something while waiting for it to come into the mail. That's where leftover IKEA wood pieces come in handy! :) Also note that the back of the FREX shift+ comes with a clamp to attach it either to a desk or cockpit. After getting everything setup for it. It comes time to test it out on the track. Loaded up iRacing and the Star Mazda and boy oh boy I was in simracing heaven! For me there's a "rhythm" that comes with using a sequential shifter while racing. Knowing when to downshift by muscle memory really helps, at least for me :). The feel of the shifter like I said is top notch while shifting. Totally immerses me with my simracing experience.

If there is anyone looking for a sequential shifter to add to your cockpit, in my opinion this is the one for you!! Now it's time to get on track and start practicing! Thanks FREX!!